Cheve – El Wisco – By Lakefront Brewery – Riverwest, WI

At Milwaukeño we strive to bring you the latest and greatest on all things vowel heavy and wonderfully ethnic from the Good Land.

 El Wisco BottleWe would like to present you with our review of El Wisco, Lakefront brewery’s newest seasonal brew. Lakefront presents this beer as an homage to a cold Mexican Lager on a hot summer day, think a craft beer version of  Bohemia or Modelo Especial. The first thing that struck me was the presentation itself. The bottle’s label is a field of University of Wisconsin red and white adorned with a badger’s head decorated like a calavera, further feeding the flames of the new dia de los muertos fad in popular culture. Once one actually opens said beer and takes an initial swig you encounter a unique herbal flavor reminiscent of a mild sour. If you bought this thinking that you were getting a corona then you, my friend with poor taste are not going to have a positive beer drinking experience.

After a few more sips the Mexican lager theme begins to set in and you are in on the joke, its flavor profile is not overpowering and nor is it underwhelming. They managed to create a craft beer that one can drink while grilling carne asada in the yard and finally have a similar flavor experience to the one where you realized that carne asada and lager went together like Chente and drunk old men crying. El Wisco is worth at least a one time try.

After further reflection I was left with a few unanswered questions about this not traditionally hispanic brewery’s sudden interest in calaveras and Modelo. Why does this beer exist? Why is it called “El Wisco”? Is this a part of a new trend in Milwaukee’s craft brewing community that will finally embrace latino flavors?

In sum, El Wisco is not your bro-buddy’s corona or your drunk uncle’s Modelo, it  is a shout out to tailgating before Cervesero’s day at Brewer’r Stadium with your compas..

El Wisco is available wherever you generally purchase your Lakefront favorites.

Milwaukeno Rating :4 Loteria Cards  El Borracho.jpgEl Borracho.jpgEl Borracho.jpgEl Borracho.jpg

By: Claudio Alberto Cortes

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