The Milwaukeño Guide to the 2022 Mayoral Primary Election

By: Claudio from Milwaukeño

In-Person early voting began last Tuesday, February 1 and continues to February 14, 2022, after which you will only be allowed to vote in person on election day; February 15, 2022, if you are exercising this option please be safe while doing so. As a service to you, our beloved readers, ahead of this landmark election the Milwaukeño team reached out to every candidate running for Mayor of Milwaukee county to ask them to participate in a single question written interview. As a reminder the top two candidates from this primary election will run against each other on April 5th after which they will be awarded the title of Mayor of Wisconsin’s best city.

I would like to personally thank every candidate and their respective teams for answering our request and considering Milwaukeño readers worth their time, mil-gracias a todos. 

Now some fine print. Answers were added to a main document that was populated in the order in which they were received, preference was not assigned. We did not edit or omit any candidate answers, they are presented as received. We hope that you review the below and use their answers as a tool to help guide your decision wherever you cast your ballot.

The Question at hand:

If elected, what are you going to do specifically for Milwaukee’s Latino/a/x population? 

Michael Sampson For Milwaukee Mayor
Michael Sampson

Michael Sampson

“If elected mayor I will make sure that the Latino population gets their equal square of representation. I was saddened to see the outcome of the aldermanic districts. The Latino community deserves 3 districts of representation and I never thought i would see gerrymandering at our local level. 

I will also work hard with small business to help continue development and build jobs for the community.”

Robert Donovan » Urban Milwaukee
Bob Donovan

Bob Donovan

“Thanks so much for reaching out. As I am sure you are aware, my former Aldermanic District has been a predominantly Latino District for many years. I believe that the reason I was elected to 5 terms in office was because I did my best to fight for the best interests of all my constituents and focused on issues that united us, like safe, clean neighborhoods and getting our fair share of City services.

I did neighborhood walks twice a week with City inspectors making sure that issues like illegal dumping, potholes, tall grass, etc. were addressed and I also used this opportunity to stay connected to the residents and listen to their concerns.

When I decided to retire, I endorsed JoCasta Zamarripa as I believed she was someone who would also represent all the people in the District and work to unite them as a community.

Lastly, I was very disappointed to see that the Council, under the leadership of then Council President Johnson, voted down the redistricting map that gave the Latino community the fair minority/majority District they deserve. The changes were not radical and the only explanation I can think of as to why it didn’t pass was because politics took precedence over what was reasonable and fair. I would have supported the map that was put forth by the Latino organizations. “

Milwaukee Alderwoman Marina Dimitrijevic announces campaign for mayor
Marina Dimitrijevic

Marina Dimitrijevic

“Since 2004, I have been elected to represent our growing Latinx population. From the County Board to the Common Council, I have a record of making our city the most welcoming place possible and supporting working families. 

My husband Eduardo is an immigrant from Uruguay so I know personally what it takes to come here and work hard to achieve the American Dream. I am bilingual and have stood up for our immigrant community at every moment possible. Whether it be marching alongside Voces de la Frontera who has endorsed me in this election, or making our county a sanctuary for all, I’m the candidate with a record of lifting up Latinx voices. 

Recently I worked with Alderwoman JoCasta Zamarripa who has endorsed me in this election to increase the voting power of our Latinx community in our council’s redistricting process. Lastly, our Latinx population is one of the fastest growing in our city. I will continue to deliver pro-immigrant policies like local ids for all and be sure that our federal COVID relief dollars are invested in our Latinx neighborhoods so that our families can attend great schools, earn family supporting wages and feel safe in all parts of our city at all times. I will continue to support our small Latinx owned businesses and make Milwaukee a truly welcoming city for all of us.”

Ieshuh Griffin – No Response Received

Cavalier Johnson – No Response Received

Earnell Lucas – No Response Received

Lena Taylor – No Response Received

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