Obligatory commentary on The Oscars

Latino – a term invented during the Napoleonic era by Napoleon’s PR team to create a sense of comradery among the people of the “Roman Empirical diaspora” to soften the blow among the Mexican people caused by the invasion of Mexico by Napoleon’s brother Max.

Espantobre – Day 26 -La Llorona (2019)

came across today’s movie during a Tuesday night scrolling session one evening in July when I was in the mood to be frightened. I chose it because the title was La Llorona, and when you put a title with such communal nostalgic value attached to it on something chances are I am going to end up watching it.

Eusebio y el buey

A yunta is a two wheeled wooden wagon, about ten feet in length and six feet wide. used to haul equipment, generally pulled by two strong oxen. The animals are more typically used also pull an harado, which is a type of horizontal laying drill used to loosen dirt in an effort to plant seeds easily.