SOMOS QUIEN SOMOS…But really this is who we are.

This is who we are

Claudio A, Cortés – Content Curator

I have strong opinions about food, Latino rights, and cultural appropriation. I believe that tacos are a human right, I count pizza making and eating among my hobbies. No human being is illegal. I know that the Chelsea boot is a white washed botín de charro. I believe that every person should own a pair of cowboy boots, but not in a weird country music sort of way. I know that No Era Penal, y nos faltan 43. As I write this, there are children who look like my daughter locked in cages at our souther border, and we have neighbors in our city and state who are perfectly OK with that fact, this is not the platform for these people.

If you are interested in hearing more of my rants or seeing pictures of my culinary creations feel free to follow my on Twitter @Seesquaired.


Sal Gómez – Content Curator

I’m a Chicano, born in Milwaukee but raised in Jalisco, Mexico where I spent most of my childhood years. Moving back to Milwaukee in my teenage years and gowing up to adulthood in the vibrant community of the South Side of the city kept me well connected to my roots. I love art, food and have a broad interest in social issues. I am proud about my heritage and have a strong passion to help spread awareness about the contributions of those who enrich our city with greater cultural diversity.


More to come !

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