Espantobre – Day 1 – Blood Quantum

By: Claudio Cortés 

October is upon us! At Milwaukeño that means 2 things, 1. The November 3rd election is right around the corner, so keep your eye out for the voter guide and 2. The Halloween season has begun, to help you celebrate we will provide you with 1 film and song recommendation every day of Espantobre.

To kick off the festivities we take a trip north of the poutine curtain to Canada… specifically Quebec. Today’s film recommendation is the 2019 reimagination of the classic zombie tropes, Blood Quantum

When the dead start coming back to life in quebec outside of a remote Mi’kmaq reserve of Red Crow, only the reserve’s first nations inhabitants find themselves immune to the plague. The inhabitants are forced to deal with the consequences of their immunity including the collapse of the world around them, and dealing with refugees. 

Today’s playlist addition is Cumbia De Los Zombies by; Skavy El Ángel Caído

You can watch this fantastic movie on Shudder. 

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