The State of MKÑ

Milwaukeño was born during a conversation between a veteran of the early 2010s Chicago e-zine scene and a renowned local tv producer they were driving in a blue 2012 Honda Fit between a very OK-ish Mexican restaurant in waukesha and a dull mid 90s chic office that housed three “Milwaukee” television stations in Stallis. During the drive our protagonists concluded that Milwaukee Latinés needed a digital space to express themselves, be informed on community matters, and check the pulse of the scene. A space that would help unify the increasingly disparate community into a cohesive voice….and a two years later Milwaukeno was born…..and then it sat for 3 years and was FINALLY launched in spring 2020.

2020 was a fantastic first year for Milwaukeño. Despite the global pandemic changing how we live our lives dramatically, we managed to bring you election guides, informed insights into what is happening in our community, delicious recipes, and of course, my personal favorite..horror movie recommendations with musical pairings during espantobre. We look forward to continuing to be here for you and grow as part of your everyday internet diet. You may have noticed that over the last few months content has been….well to be honest, it has been non-existent save for a few community event notifications here and there. You may ask yourself…Claudio…why? What happened?

The answer is simple, and as old as time itself Time and Money. In an era where monetary resources are increasingly scarce, especially in the creative world, content creators are forced to dedicate their time to projects that make the most sense for them economically, as they should. Creators have the right to monetize their work. As an intentionally non-commercial entity Milwaukeño does not have the resources to pay our contributors, we rely on asking that contributors contribute for the sake of supporting the cause and getting their work in front of the eyes of our audience. In what is perhaps the dumbest (most idealistic) part of this endeavor, we intend to continue on in this manner. Our contributors and readers deserve to have content presented to them that does not have to adhere to the whims of any advertiser (very hard words to write for a professional marketer). Additionally, when you boil it down, Milwaukeño is just two guys with full time jobs & families + their laptops + a little bit of ganas, as you can imagine our available time to dedicate to this is rather limited.

You can breathe now, I am not about to ask you for money or to subscribe to any sort of patreon thing, this is not a cashgrab. I am writing this because I feel that we owe you, our beautiful readers, an explanation for our radio silence over the last few months. Here is what I am going to ask…if you or someone that you know is interested in contributing to Milwaukeño shoot them our way, we are always more than happy give community members with something to share a platform to do so.

In the meantime keep an eye out for more fantastic content and potential community meet and greets

Thanks for reading,

Claudio Alberto Cortés

One of the guys from Milwaukeño


Brown and Black Lives Matter

Asian Hate has no home in Milwaukee or in the world

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