In search for the best store-bought Tortillas in MKE

By: Cynthia Gonzalez

Finding the perfect store bought tortilla can be a daunting task, our tortilla sleuth has done some of the heavy lifting for you and reviewed some of the more popular brands that you can find on Milwaukee store shelves. 

A good store-bought tortilla can be hard to find – we can all agree that the best are homemade. But what happens when you need to buy tortillas for taco nights? Where in Milwaukee can you get the best “fresh” tasting tortillas? 

Short answer: there’s an overabundance of tortilla choices but only a few worthy of devouring. 

Sounds discouraging? I’ve got you covered! Here are my top store-bought tortillas so you don’t have to try all those tortillas and be disappointed. 

Criteria: taste, texture and how well can tortilla withstand the weight of the veggies/soy chorizo and toppings. 

El Milagro corn tortillas – No preservatives, smell delish, and are very sturdy for all toppings. These have been a staple in every household and continue to be one of my favorites. 

Where to buy: El Rey, but you can find them in most southside MKE grocery stores. 

SIETE grain free tortillas – These are a substitute to corn tortillas but are absolutely amazing. I obviously would eat tortillas EVERYDAY of my life but also am very health conscious. Eating 

SIETE almond flour tortilla – Gives me satisfaction without compromising texture and taste, and with a whole lot less carbs. 

Where to buy: Fresh Thyme, not sure where else you can get. 

El Rey Corn Tortillas  – Locally made and best enjoyed freshly steamed. A neutral enough taste that it will not get in the way of any of the delicious guizados that you can pile on them. On the down side, steaming is the best way to use these bad boys, as there is a trend to harden up and crumble on the comal. 

Where to buy: El Rey, Pick N’ Save, and Sendiks

Cermak Produce house blend Corn Tortilla  – Need to buy in bulk for a particularly large BBQ? Want to have leftovers to make totopos with to help with el crudo when its all over? These are the go-to 

Where to buy: Exclusively Cermak Produce.

Milwaukee please sell me fresh high-quality warm tortillas, en cada esquina. I need them and so does every other Milwaukeño!

What is your favorite brand to buy?  Do you have a Tortilla hook-up?Hit us up on Twitter @Milwaukeno 

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