The Milwaukeño Guide to the August 11, 2020 Election

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We did it again! Your carnales as Milwaukeño reached out to every single person listed as running for any office in Milwaukee county in the upcoming August 11th election and asked the following question:

“If elected what will you do for Milwaukee’s latino/a/x community.”

All responses are presented in order of response time, candidate responses are presented just as they were received. Below are the candidates that feel our readers are worth their time. Any responses received before August 10 will be included in this piece, this is a live guide….

Vote Safe !


JoAnna Bautch – Candidate Assembly District 8 
JoAnna Bautch

The near southside of the city of Milwaukee has always been home to immigrants, from our German and Polish immigrants of a few generations ago to the Latino, Asian and African immigrants who call the southside home today. I am proud to boast my classic southside ancestry – a mix of Mexican, German and Polish. Today, the 8th Assembly District is home to a super-majority of Latino Wisconsinites and it’s clear to me that representation is more important than ever. We deserve an elected leader who will stand up for all of us.

First and foremost, I will do everything possible to help our Latino community navigate the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. I will work to bring back more resources to protect our health and eliminate the health disparities COVID-19 has highlighted. We must make healthcare more affordable and accessible for all Wisconsinites, regardless of race, income, or immigration status. Helping our community navigate COVID-19 also involves bringing back the resources necessary to handle the financial challenges we are facing. I will work to bring emergency assistance funds to workers and local Latino owned businesses that need help to survive. I will support a moratorium on evictions and foreclosures until we are through this crisis.

As we move ahead, we need to continue to focus on improving the health and economic well being of our Latino community. I believe that involves guaranteeing universal healthcare coverage for all of us, reducing the cost of prescription drugs, and investing in preventative care. On the economic front, we need to raise the minimum wage to at least $15/hour and make sure it keeps up with the rising cost of living, create more family-sustaining jobs that are accessible for Latinos, and help our Latino owned businesses grow and thrive.

Additionally, it is essential that we create a Milwaukee and a Wisconsin that is welcoming to all Latinos, regardless of immigration status. No Latino should be prevented from fully participating legally in daily life. We need to allow for undocumented folks to obtain drivers cards, prevent discrimination based on race or ethnicity, and eradicate hatred and division.

Our Latino community is one of Milwaukee’s greatest assets and we need to make sure that folks everywhere recognize how valuable our community is. I will help do that and work to make life better for all of us.

Christian Saldivar – Candidate Assembly District 9 
Christian Saldivar

If I am elected I will make sure that when constituents of the ninth assembly district call my office, they have a Spanish option if needed. I will promote small business development and training in the Latino community. I will make sure Latinos are more informed about what is going on politically and economically in their city. The most important thing I have to offer my Latino community is the sharing of our story and our experiences here in Milwaukee. I am a 1st generation Mexican-American who has seen the good and the bad as a Latino in this country. I will always put our peoples interest above my own.

Michael “Mike” Brox

Michael “Mike” Brox – Candidate Assembly District 17

As you are aware I am a Candidate for State Rep. to the Assembly in the 17th District. When I am elected to the office I will fight to ensure that the Latino Community has the same rights and privileges as all other American citizens. I will fight to make sure that families don’t live in fear of deportation. I will most importantly listen to the wants and needs of the Latino people. As an African American in America our struggle is similar in many ways. If you have any more questions or concerns regarding my campaign please feel free to contact me at your earliest convenience. Again thanks for reaching out to me. For more information about my campaign please visit my website at https://www.friendsofmikebrox

Helmut Fritz – Candidate – Assembly District 19 

Helmut Fritz

If elected, what are you going to do specifically for Milwaukee’s Latino population? 

As the 19th district assembly representative, my actions concerning the Latino population is jobs, jobs, jobs. There are many other matters of importance here of course and I do not diminish them but I will be centering upon the State of Wisconsin significantly encouraging the trades, (that is, electrician, machinist, plumber, CDL Driver, etc.) It will not only be for “young” people, not only for men, and not only for English speakers. I will get this done. Please see my website:

Israel Ramón- Incumbent – Milwaukee County Register of Deeds

Israel Ramón

My name is Israel Ramón, and I am the current Milwaukee County Register of Deeds.  I was appointed by Governor Tony Evers in May 2019.  This was an historic appointment for Wisconsin as I am the first Latino Register of Deeds and first Hispanic Constitutional Officer in Wisconsin’s history.  ­­­­­­­­­­I practiced law for over twenty-five years representing workers, union members and the Latino Community throughout our State.  I served on the Boards of Voces de la Frontera, the Centro Hispano in Milwaukee and the Spanish Centers of Kenosha, Racine and Walworth Counties.  I am endorsed by every Latino elected official in our County and over 95% of all elected democrats.

Governor Tony Evers was particularly interested in appointing the right person with a legal background for the Office.  Prior to my appointment, the Office had been raided by the FBI for an alleged $2.3 million dollar false invoicing scheme involving the prior Register of Deeds.  Governor Evers requested that I “clean up the office and make it transparent to restore the trust of the public.”  He also requested that I run for a full term in office.  I committed to doing both and have made significant reforms to the Office. 

Prior to my appointment, there was no consideration in the Register of Deeds Office for the Latino and Spanish-speaking Community.  I made available our Vital records application forms for Birth, Death, Marriage and Divorce in Spanish.  I made our Property Fraud Alert Program available in Spanish and distributed thousands of Spanish language brochures about the program to Milwaukee’s Southside.  Now Latinos have access to this very important program to safeguard their homes.

In addition, I developed a customer service satisfaction survey in both English and Spanish to better assess our customer service experience.  Now Latinos have a voice in how they are treated by the Register of Deeds Office. Quite frankly, I received many complaints of poor customer service when I first got to the Office.  Sadly, there was very little oversight of this Office by other county departments or long term elected officials.  In response to these allegations, I presented my Mission, Vision and Values speech to the staff and mandated that they complete Equity Training, Protected Class Training and Language Sensitivity Training.  This has improved our customer service satisfaction to 98%. 

Lastly, I installed a language line to assist our non-English speaking customers.  Before, if one spoke Spanish and did not bring an interpreter or there was none available in the Office, they were sent away.  Now, my Office has access over two hundred languages at a moment’s notice so every county resident can have access to the important services our Office offers in Vital Records and Land Records.I am committed to continued full access of my Office by all county residents and I am committed to advancing services and hiring for our Latino Community and all communities.  While others may have an idea of what they want to do for the Latino Community, I have actually instituted policies that help our Community better access our services.  More information about me and the reforms I’ve made to the Office can be found at

Cynthia “Cindy”  Werner – Candidate – US Congress District 4

Cynthia Werner

If elected, what are you going to do specifically for Milwaukee’s Lation population?
If elected my focus will be on serving the needs of all within my district which I represent.  One issue that I will focus on that is beneficial to all would be to strengthen educational equality.

John F. Weishan – Candidate – Milwaukee County Register of Deeds 

John F. Weishan

The office of the Register of Deeds, being the repository of vital records for our community, is important to not only our economy but also to our democracy.  
Your question “If elected, what are you going to do specifically for Milwaukee’s Latino  population?”
My number one priority for the office of register of deeds is to make receiving vital records (birth, marriage certificates, and other documents) that are needed for voting and employment as easily accessible as possible. I will work with community groups to assess the needs of our neighborhoods and craft solutions that work for each situation. We know that many people within Milwaukee County do not have reliable access to the internet or banking services and that this can hinder their ability to participate in our economy and democracy.
Secondly, I believe in developing a local Identification card that would help individuals obtain a driver’s license, Banking needs and other services that require identification.
I have many more ideas on how to make the office of the Register of Deeds more responsive to the needs of Milwaukee County in these extremely difficult times of COVID-19 and look forward to implementing them in the near future. 

Michelle Bryant – Candidate – State Senate – District 6 

Michelle Bryan

I plan to do the following:

Impacting the entire Milwaukee Latino population:

  • Work to reduce spread of COVID-19, through education and more testing
  • Ensure adequate funding for education
  • Improve access to healthcare
  • Work to secure livable wages
  • Increase homeownership
  • Address community policing
  • Address rising property taxes
  • Increase help for small business
  • Improve state contracting with Latino vendors
  • Support for Food truck vendors
  • Support for Mexican Fiesta, believe state and city should help support cultural events we use to draw tourism

 Undocumented Immigrants and Immigration:

  • Support and advocate for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and temporary protected status (TPS)
  • Protect Immigrant Rights
  • Work to restore the ability to obtain a Driver’s License
  • Work with federal legislators to obtain unemployment benefits for workers
  • Work with state legislators to create a fund to provide unemployment benefits when the federal government will not, like California and New York have done
  • Ensure healthcare laws include undocumented immigrants
  • Repeal AB 40, which in 2013 revoked previous legislation allowing undocumented students to classify as instate residents for tuition purposes and address financial aid policies
  • Support Sanctuary Policies


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