A benefit rooted in spirit and style : Foiled and Ayuda Mutua

By: Juan Miguel Martinez

Walker’s Point has changed a lot in the past few years alone and no one has seen it more than Yolanda Martinez and her staff at Foiled, located off of 4th and Mineral. Where the neighborhood once maintained a quiet dignity, where history was made and the streets held its secrets and the wind had a music. The salon is her labor of love, and underwent some changes of its own recently. It was repainted to reflect the melodramatic spirit of a Pedro Almodovar film, from which Yolanda chose her color palette. Yolis and her staff work tirelessly, buzzing around the clock to make their clients feel like as fabulous as the women from these films, who have an indomitable spirit and face hardships all while still evoking a classic on-screen beauty. The place is inviting, and you feel solace all while maintaining the expectant glee of getting something done for your look. Self care is a philosophy here, not just routine maintenance.

Giving back to the community is something she has always had a passion for, and the pandemic really brought the need for it more than ever. Ayuda Mutua MKE is a pantry that has relocated to Bounce Milwaukee, St, Patrick’s church being its previous home. They have a system that runs like clockwork, all working through community. Volunteers donate food, toiletries, money, and make up the staff of the operation, complete with delivery drivers. It is an effort based in love and stewardship.

August 30 and 31 will mark the days that Foiled will be running a special where all funds from haircuts ranging from $30 and $40 will be donated to Ayuda Muta MKE. The salon will be open from 12 – 6 PM, and while appointments are being made, walk-ins will be accepted and encouraged, with 4 stylists on staff. The effort is to help elevate our people and always remember that the strongest help comes from us, as a people. Appointments can be booked by calling 414-943-6735, but again, walk-ins are encouraged. Venmo and paypal donations can be made directly to Ayuda Mutua as well.

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