Netflixiando – What are you watching?

By: Claudio Alberto Cortés 

By this point in the global pandemic the ass grooves in our couches likely fit us better than our old favorite pair of jeans…remember wearing those weird leg covering things in the before times? Well it is no surprise that the same groove was caused by hours and hours of catching up with our old friend Señor Netflix, his little buddy HBO Max, and Amazon Prime. Below I have compiled a list of a few fantastic movies and shows that I feel are worth your time to check out, I will provide a brief synopsis and try to be as neutral as possible, I would actually like to hear what your opinions are on them, and even get some recommendations that we can feature in the future.

Mucho Mucho Amor – Netflix

Walter Mercado

It is no surprise that we find this at the top of our list, this nostalgia bomb that was aimed directly at the hearts of every single Spanish speaking millennial in america. If you don’t know by now, Mucho Much Amor is a documentary that takes the viewer through the life and times of the worlds best known psychic Walter Mercado

Pan’s Labyrinth – Netflix

Guillermo DelToro’s hauntingly beautiful cuenta de ada that takes place in the aftermath of the spanish civil war. This film tells the sad story of Ofelia, a bookish and imaginative girl as she tries to find her way back to her “real” home. This one is a personal favorite and even fueled a small obsession with the history of the spanish civil war.

El Silencio De Otros – Netflix

Did someone say Spanish civil war? Well, this documentary follows the tragic stories of the victims and families of the victims of Franco’s campaign of political disappearances as they seek justice and the physical remains of their loved ones. One point that it  explores that particularly stuck with me was  the official policy of “forgetting” that took place directly after Franco’s 1975 government handover that essentially gave legal immunity to all of his torturers and goons.  

1994 – Netflix

This multi-part docu-series explores the 1994 Mexican presidential election….it turns out there may be some corruption in Mexican politics….like a lot. Just give it a watch,

La Casa De Las Flores – Netflix

On a lighter note, this series follows the antics of one seriously fucked up family. To be completely honest it is a novela filled with beautiful and funny people, given that they released the final season earlier this you, you can knock this whole series out 

Street Food: Latin America – Netflix

Nostalgia food porrn that will 100% fuel at least my future travel plans. I made the mistake of watching it while being on a diet, I would call this a docu-series, but in reality it is more of a love letter to Latin America and its food from Mexico to Tierrea del Fuego. 

Veronica – Netflix

Like horror films? I do, and let me tell you…this one is fantastic. Veronica is “based on a true story” possession film with a soundtrack provided by Héroes Del Silencio

Dolor y Gloria – Amazon Prime 

To be completely transparent Pedro Almodovar is one of my all time favorite directors. This oscar nominated film is his autobiographical opus. Antonio Banderas gives a subtle and believable performance in his role as the lead character Salvador, a film director who feels like he is on the decline. It is about aging and dealing with the reality of our own mortality, it is a beautiful movie, just watch it. 

Fantasmagorias – HBO Max 

This is a very dynamic looking animated series that tells classic Latin American horror tales from El Chupa Cabra to Phantom Hitchhiker. These micro animations are worth your time, it is the kind of show that you can completely burn through in part of an afternoon while the kid is down for their nap.

La Llorona (2019) – Amazon Prime with Shudder Subscription (a must have for my fellow spooky boys out there)

Not the shitty Conjuring universe one, this is a Guatemalan re-imagining of the classic tale that all of our elderly relatives weaponized to keep us afraid and compliant. This tale uses the classic Llorona lore to confront the “silent genocide” of mayan people in Guatemala that only ended in 1996.

What has had you glued to the couch? We’d love to hear form you, let us know on Twitter or Facebook.

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