Milwaukeño Meets…Octavio Arcanjo

Interview by Claudio A. Cortés

At Milwaukeño we strive to highlight local artist, our friends at Zocalo feel the same way. Last Saturday, September 5 Zocalo Food Park hosted another musical performance in their outdoor musical performance series, Music on the Patio. The headline performer was Brazilian guitar virtuoso Octavio Arcanjo. We reached out to Octavio with a couple of questions.

 MKÑ : Who are you and where did you come from?

OA: I’m Octavio Arcanjo and from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 

MKÑ Why did you start making music and who in Milwaukee?

OA: I make music since I can remember and I carry with me since then. 

 MKÑ How would you categorize the music that you make? 

OA I categorize my music as Universal.

MKÑ What inspires your music? What or who are your muses?

OA My inspiration comes from my family and life in its nature. My muses are Tom Jobim, João Gilberto, Djavan, etc.

MKÑ How do you want your audience to experience your music?

OA Enjoying the richness of the melody, or who’s Brazilian or went to Brazil enjoy and remember the beauty of the Brazilian poetry 

MKÑ Where and when can we find your music? 

OA In my Instagram: @tavinhoarcanjo and my Facebook: Octavio Arcanjo.

MKÑ When’s the next show? 

OA Right now I don’t have a schedule of shows but I’m waiting for new opportunities

Learn more about Music on the Patio including their full schedule on the official Zocalo facebook page.

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