Espantobre – Day 3 – Vampyr (1932)

By: Claudio Cortés

The Weimar Republic was a brief period in history that is often dismissed as a period in german history that lead up to the rise of the Nazi party and subsequently the second world war. In its brief existence Weimar Berlin served as a cultural hub of progressive thought and arts, it gave the world Dadaism, Bauhaus Architecture, and of course some of the most innovative films known to man…at the time. Weimar films touched on themes historically untouched by the shiny happy ending factories that were american film industry. As a result they produced thrillers and horror films which served as templates to their respective genres to this day. 

Today’s film recommendation is the, almost lost to time 1932 classic Vampyr. Here is the skinny, after Allan Gray rents a room near Courtempierre in France, strange events unfold. An elderly man leaves a packet on Gray’s table, and shadows that are seemingly alive lead him toward a castle. At a nearby manor, he witnesses the same man being murdered and gradually learns about the curse of the Vampyr. As Gray faces the horrors of the castle, he attempts to save the victim’s daughters — one of whom, Léone, has fallen ill after mysteriously being bitten.

Today’s playlist addition is the lo-fi punk banger Bloodstains by Agent Orange

Check out the whole playlist here :

You can watch this fantastic film for yourself over at HBO Max 

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