Espantobre – Day 4 – The Autopsy of Jane Doe

By: Claudio “Goth Dad” Cortés

What do you get when you think that you are about to watch a zombie movie, but then it turns out not to be a zombie movie at all, add the sheriff from super troopers, and some britons attempting their best american accent? A psychological who-done-it that is a truly must see movie experience. 

The Autopsy of Jane Doe opens with a grizzly crime scene, bodies are strewn everywhere, half buried in the same home they find the eerily un undisturbed corpse of a women in her twenties. The investigating sheriff (is that Roose Bolton?) delivers this newly discovered body to the local father and son coroner duo. Here is where the fun beings, and here is where the collected knowledge about dead bodies collected over 30 + years of watching scary movies came in handy. The fact of the matter is, dead bodies tend not to bleed when encountered with the mortician’s blade…but Jane, she’s not like the other girls, watch The Autopsy of Jane Doe to find out just how different our young Jane really is. 

You can find this fine film on Netflix

Today’s song recommendation is one that is neither near nor dear to my heart, but it is a god damned bop and the title may or may not be a spoiler. Today’s rola is Witch by The Bird and The Bee

Catch up with the entire playlist by clicking HERE

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