Espantobre – Day 8 – Suspiria (1977)

By: Claudio “Primo Ballerino Spetralle” Cortés 

We’ve all been there, you get invited to attend an exclusive dance school in Germany in the late 70s, but the place ends up being a little creepier than you bargained for, the place just happens to be run by a coven, but this really doesn’t put you off of it, in fact, the notion of joining an exclusive coven sounds pretty rad, I mean what’s the worst that can happen right? Worst-case scenario, you make a few friends from various age groups and learn to sharpen your dance skills. Suspiria tells this exact, super relatable, story. 

Relatable universal narrative aside, Suspiria is a film that every movie fan should watch at least once, simply stated, this movie is a solid gold classic. Dario Argento tells this story in vivid color that only the Giallo subgenre can provide, the vivid images on the screen, the bright red kool aide blood, the tone driven deep red lighting, all paired with an original film score by Italian Prog Rock legends Goblin. This movie will stick with you, it will disturb you, it will make you think, you will still be picking it apart days after watching it, this means that it is going its job. 

You can do yourself a favor and watch Suspiria either for the first time or 195th time totally free on Tubi 

Sticking with the dance theme, today’s song pairing is an equally haunting aural experience – Cosmic Dancer by T.Rex

Keep up with the playlist as it builds Here

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