Espantobre – Day 10 – Vampire Circus

By: Claudio “El Cuervo” Cortés

What list of horror film recommendations would be complete without at least a single entry from the “Hammer Horror” cannon? For the uninitiated, I will give a brief synopsis of what exactly the term ‘Hammer Horror” actually means. After the second world war Britain found itself in the slow process of rebuilding, no industry was un touched by terrors of that conflict, resources were invested mainly in returning to normal, which left very little funding for the simple pleasures like for instance….importing horror films from american distributors, that is where Hammer Films came in. Hammer specialized in creating horror films for the domestic british market that were “big on scares and low on budget”, this model gave the world one of the most iconic portrayals of Count Dracula by Christopher “Saruman” Lee.

Today’s film recommendation is not one of those powerhouse performances by Christopher Lee, in fact its not even a performance by one of the other schmucks that tried to fill his shoes, no dear reader, today’s film is the tale of vampirism in general in the balkans without any direct connection to the character of Count Dracula. 15 years after villagers in the town of Stetl take justice against a suspected noblemen/vampire they are stricken with a plague that forces them to quarantine the entire town. Before lock down happens a Night Circus comes into town, with it, comes a mysterious illness, spooooky comings and goings, roma stereotypes, and a Werepanther. 

Watch Vampire Circus for yourself and experience a Hammer Horror like no other on Amazon Prime Here

Today’s musical accompaniment to this schlock horror masterpiece is Hammer Horror by the inimitable Kate Bush. 

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