Espantobre – Day 11 – The Masque of the Red Death

By: Claudio “Beelzebubba” Cortés

Vincent Price…what was the deal with his voice? Is that how people from Saint Louis speak? Seriously what was that accent? Obvious questions aside, with over 211 film credits to his name, Vincent Price is an icon of the horror genre. He represents an era of not too bloody but atmospheric story driven american horror films, many among them were interpretations of Edgar Allen Poe penned short stories. In Poe and Price we find a powerhouse duo that never shared the privilege of each other’s physical company, however Price himself helped shape how generations experienced the works of that tragic figure. 

Today’s film is a Price interpretation of Poe’s the Masque of the Red Death. The plot of this film is relatively unburdened by the restrictions of the source material. Through beautifully over acted scenes, a set that is the definition of what 1964 California thought renaissance Italy looked like, Corman manages to ultimately tell the same story that Poe set out to tell, a tale about the inevitability of the one true unifier, Death. 

I recommend that you give this one a  watch, by 2020’s standards this is a family film. The Masque of the Red Death is available to watch on Prime Video Here 

As a little Sunday bonus, here is an album of Vincent Price reading the poems of Edgar Allan Poe

Today’s musical accompaniment to this Vincent Price vehicle is the slightly on the nose We All Die by Cat Power, but by this point I am sure that you are all aware that I am certainly not above that.

Keep up with the playlist as it builds Here

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