Espantobre – Day 16 – 28 Days Later

By: Claudio “guy that gets bit and doesn’t tell anyone” Cortés

Today’s film is the spark that would launch a global re-obsession and eventual mainstreaming of Zombie films. After Romero’s run in the 80s and the string of cheezy over the top knock offs, including a personal favorite, Return of the Living Dead 2, movie goers/renters began to look elsewhere for their freights, they began to embrace the more human lead elements of the horror genre with slashers and psychological thrillers taking up that segment of their mental real estate. Today’s film bridged that gap between the fantastical creature feature and the human lead horror with a retelling of a classic Zombie apocalypse survivor narrative with a twist. Yes these zombies are still zombies, but they are markedly more human than the Romero monsters, to become one you need to cross the ultimate taboo and consume another human, you simply need to be exposed to an ultra contagious virus . 

If you haven’t quite caught on yet, today’s fim pick is Danny Boyle’s 2002 love letter to the genre… 28 Days Later. Every time I watch this particular movie I am impressed by the cinematography and always seem to be reminded about how much I miss it when movies were captured on film. Maybe I am showing my ass as a hipster who prefers analogue mediums (music on vinyl) but the tones that film are able to capture seem more genuine, they capture the grit of a situation that a filter over a digital camera simply will not. The performances in this film are also worth noting, especially from Cillian Murphy (the guy from Peaky Blinders & Bat Man) & Christopher Eccleston (Doctor Who) in their respective roles. 

You can watch 28 Days Later your self over at Amazon Prime

Today’s musical accompaniment is Leaving The CIty by Roísín Murphy  

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