Espantobre – Day 17 – Evil Eye

By: Claudio “Fascinum” Cortés 

Did you know that the concept of the “evil eye” is found in pretty much every single civilization? From the hamsa, to the eye or Marium, to the eye of Fatima, to Anatolian kilims, to west African charms and spitting Mexican abuelitas most every civilization has come to the conclusion that an evil look and bad intentions can curse someone seriously fuck one’s life up, and in order to avoid said curse one needs an amulet. You’ve probably seen them, for the uninitiated these eye amulets / beads are typically blue or green eye looking things that are either embedded within a the palm of a hand or just loose on a necklace or bracelet, no matter what form it comes in it is a symbol of protection.


Today’s film recommendation is a modern film that explores the concept of the “Evil Eye“ through the lens of southeast asian culture and karmic reincarnation. This film falls more into the thriller category with some elements of mysticism and magic to drive the plot, imagine “Single White Female, but Indian. 

You can watch Evil Eye on Amazon Prime

Today’s musical accompaniment is Ojos Así by Shakira 

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