Espantobre – Day 5 – Drag Me to Hell

By: Claudio “Espantagueyes” Cortés 

Lets take a moment to think back to the halcyon days that were the early 2000s. Pop punk was all the rage, emo became a popular subgenre, rappers were wearing knee length white t-shirts, pimp-my-ride was what passed for reality tv, the US was only a few yeats into a pair of endless wars in the middle east, and skinny dorky white guys were being sold to the US public as sex symbols. It was rampant, from the kid from third rock from the sun to Eric from that 70s show and that mediocre nerd that played spider man the first couple of times, and not least among this class of interchangeable generic skinny whiteness was Justin Long, the Mac pitch guy. 

Arguably at the peak of Justin Long’s fame, he starred in a film directed by legendary horror director Sam Rami called Drag Me to Hell. Drag Me to Hell will not be your favorite horror film, it may not scare you, you may watch this movie and spend hours thinking to yourself “why was everyone in this film almost good looking?”, but when its all over you will end up appreciating the fact that you just watched a relatively well preserved time capsule of the early 2000s with one or two half decent jump scares. 

The storyline itself is relatively straightforward, an ambitious professional woman is punished for daring to fit into a patriarchal world by being mean and is subsequently punished with a roma curse for her efforts, obviously there is more to it. 

You can watch Drag Me to Hell on Amazon Prime or Netflix

Today’s song is a song by a band that I first heard about when they played on the Jonathan Ross Show in 2009 and I was living in rural Jalisco with access to only the BBC for english language content, that band was Florence + The Machine, the song is   Girl With One Eye. The connection between the film and the song is the year 2009 and the ocular theme. 

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